Dragon Court

Dragon Court Seafood Restaurant

Confucius says Dragon Court Seafood restaurant provides food for the soul.

Located on Hutt Street in Adelaide’s east end, Dragon Court Seafood restaurant uses traditional Chinese cooking to enhance the flavours of fresh seafood.

Open 11:30am to 2:30pm, and 5pm to 10pm, Dragon Court Seafood restaurant has earned its spot amongst Adelaide’s premier dining street.

There’s something about the familiar Chinese flavours of ginger and shallots and black bean sauce which compliments tender seafood.

Like the ginger and shallot inspired smoked oysters or the fried scallops with a black bean sauce, the sweet and sour zing that’s been developed over centuries.

Lion liquor Licensing Consultants is pleased to obtain a new liquor license for Dragon Court Seafood restaurant.

This will enable alcohol to add a new dimension that accompanies fine cuisine.

Dragon Court

81-83 Gouger Street

Adelaide SA 5000

08 8231 9456