Schedule of Fees

New Licences

Licence Type LLLC Fee (Ex GST)
Liquor Restaurant $1400
Liquor Restaurant with Entertainment Consent $1616
Liquor Wholesale Liquor Merchant $1509
Liquor Small Venue $1400
Liquor Club $1400
Liquor Producers (home office) $1400
Liquor Producers with Cellar Door $1616
Liquor Hotel TBC
Liquor Entertainment Venue TBC
Liquor Special Circumstances TBC
Liquor Retail Liquor Merchant TBC
Liquor Limited Licence (once off events) $60.50
Liquor Direct Sales Licence $968

Additions to Existing Licence

Licence Type LLLC Fee (Ex GST)
Liquor RSA Badging $50
Gaming Gaming Manager Badge $50
Liquor Custom Risk Management Plan $195
Liquor Redefinition of licensed areas TBC
Liquor Variation of Conditions (trading hours, licence conditions, capacity) TBC
Liquor Transfer of existing licence $1054
Gaming Transfer of existing licence $1054

*Prices are a guide only for an exact quote please contact us. Please note that prices do not include third party application fees and charges. These may include Government fees, Council fees, Public Notification, or any reports required to support the liquor licence application.

TBC – To be Confirmed (Please contact us for a quote)

Prices effective 1 July 2016