New Small Venue Licences given approval

Small Venue Licences

New laws have been passed in South Australia allowing for small venues with a capacity of 120 persons or less. These venues are designed to make the process easier with less red tape and removing the right for neighbours and nearby businesses to object allowing for more licenses to be approved.

Key features of Small Venue Licences include:

  • Venues can open from 11 am to midnight and extensions can be sought to trade to 2am
  • Venues can offer live entertainment without additional approval
  • Gaming is not permitted
  • Capacity is limited to 120 persons
  • Neighbours and nearby businesses have no right to object

This licence will only be offered to businesses in the CBD for the first 12 months but may be extended to surrounding suburbs if successful. This type of licence although initially designed for small laneway bars can also apply to restaurants, art galleries and live music venues.