New General Code of Practice Requirements

A new General Code of Practice which has been introduced for all licensees under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 . The intention of the General Code is to make sure you assess the potential risks associated with your business and to put in place practices/measures to manage these risks.

Requirements with the new General code of Practice

  • Demonstrate that you have taken reasonable steps to assess the risks associated with your licence
  • Have a written management plan in place containing the reasonable measures that you are going to implement to reduce and manage these risks.
  • All staff must receive training in relation to the content of the management plan and how they are to implement the plans outlined in it.

You as a licensee must ensure that you comply with the three requirements above.

Here at Lion Liquor licensing we can help you with creating and adhering to the requirement of having a written management in place.

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New General Code of Practice