New Code of Practice effective 18 January 2013

New Code of practice for SA liquor licence premises effective 18 January 2013

The South Australian Government will be implementing a new code of practice which will affect all licensed premises in some way. The new code of practice which comes into effect 18 January 2013 is aimed at limiting binge drinking and late night assaults which has been quite prevalent in Adelaide in recent months.

Some of the more significant changes include:

Responsible Service of Alcohol Training

All staff involved in the service or supply of alcohol must now complete an approved course in the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Previously venues only required one person who had RSA training, now everyone who serves alcohol must undergo this training.

No gender based promotions

Licensees will no longer be allowed to have promotions which are gender-based which involved free or discounted liquor. This is in response to strong criticism for pubs and clubs encouraging excessive drinking among young women through the promotion of “ladies nights”. However many will question the effectiveness of this new regulation as it creates a huge loop hole as venues could simply offer discounted drinks to everyone instead.

Free cool water

Licensed premises must ensure that there is free cool drinking water which is readily available to patrons at all times

Drink spiking responsibility

Venues must be aware of their reasonability to protect patrons from drink spiking and take reasonable steps to prevent it from occurring. They must also assist police in any investigation relating to alleged drink spiking.

Non-alcoholic drink

There must be at least one non-alcoholic beverage available for purchase which is at a lower price than the least expensive alcoholic drink.

On top of the changes that will be implemented the Government also has a draft code of practice for late night trading. This new proposal that is yet to be approved but will likely include a raft of tough new measures which will be implemented on late night traders.