Liquor Licensing Requirements in South Australia

A liquor licence is mandatory in South Australia if you want to supply or sell liquor. There is high demand for liquor licenses in South Australia. There are eleven different categories under which licence can be obtained in South Australia. These categories are set out in the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

The categories include direct sale licence, club licence, retail liquor, entertainment venue licence, limited club licence, hotel licence, restaurant licence, produce’s licence, wholesale liquor merchant, residential licence, special circumstances licence and small venue licence. Each category of licence has specific and unique conditions which the licensee must follow.

How can you obtain a liquor license?

There are generally three avenues of obtaining a licence, engaging a solicitor, a specialist liquor licensing consultant or you can try and do it yourself. Most solicitors will help you out with obtaining a liquor licence but do not specialize in liquor licensing and may have little or no understanding of the process and loop holes available. They also charge by the hour and which will lead to a hefty bill at the end of the process. Consultants specializing in liquor licensing generally will have expert knowledge in the process which will lead to you getting a licence faster. Of course you can also try and do it yourself if you have the time, resources and want to save some money.