Limited Licence (one off) Application

Limited licence

If you are planning or intend to host a party or organise an event where liquor will be sold, you may need a limited liquor licence. Even if there is no sale of liquor but consumption is allowed you may need a limited licence.

  • restaurant, cafe or shop
  • bus, limousine, train or tram
  • boat
  • a public place that is being used for the purpose of an organised event where guests pay for admission.
  • Events where there is a cover charge

Fees & Charges (1 day standard events) $143.00*
(Additional days are charged at $82.50 per day)
For large events/festivals please contact us directly before filling out the application form
Please note that applications need to be lodged at least 14 days before the event otherwise a $80.50 late fee may apply.
(If you are within the deadline please contact 08 7200 3608)
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(Please note we are not a government organisation or affiliated with the South Australian Government in any way shape or form. We process the application on your behalf only)

*The application fee of $143.00 consists of $82.50 application fee charged by Consumer and Business Services plus $60.50 consulting fee (inc GST)