Club Licence

Club Licence: A club licence is generally held by a body that is a non-profit association such as sporting clubs and associations. This licence authorises the sale and supply of liquor for consumption on the club’s licensed premises without the restrictions as placed on limited clubs. Holders of club licences can also apply for Extended Trading Authorisation, Entertainment Consent, Extension of Trading Areas, as well as Designated Dining and Reception Areas.

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Direct Sales Licence

Direct Sales Licence:  This licence is designed for the distribution of liquor sales only by mail, telephone, fax, internet or any other electronic communication. This licence requires a contact address only and can be moved freely without the requirement of lodging further applications. The licensee is required to not, as part of, or in connection with the business invite or admit prospective purchasers of liquor to any premises or place at which liquor is displayed or stored for sale by the licensee.

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Entertainment Venue Licence

Entertainment Venue Licence: allows for the sale of liquor at any time with or ancillary to a meal and at a time when live entertainment is provided. Exemptions can also be sought to dispense with the requirement to serve meals. Entertainment Venue Liquor licences are designed for premises where entertainment is the primary function of the premises.

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Hotel Licence

Hotel Licence: allows for the consumption of liquor on and off premises under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997. Holders of hotel licences have obligations to trade and provide meals to a member of the public upon request at certain times.

These licences are extremely valuable and most commonly transferred through the sales of the business. When renovations and variations to existing conditions are made to a premises, the licence holder will have to apply and seek approval with the licensing authority. Our consultants will complete this process for you to ensure all the requirements with the applicable legislation and relevant consents have been sought and approved to ensure a stream less transition for your business.

Our consultants will also manage changes or additions of gaming rooms and machines as well as approvals for Responsible People, Gaming Machine Managers and Employees.

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Limited licence (one off events)

Limited licence – If you are planning or intended to host a party or organise an event where liquor will be sold you need a limited liquor licence. Even if there is no sale of liquor but consumption is allowed you need a limited licence. Examples of premises that require limited licences

  • restaurant, cafe or shop
  • bus, limousine, train or tram
  • boat
  • a public place that is being used for the purpose of an organised event where guests pay for admission.
  • Events where there is a cover charge

Fees & Charges (1 day standard events) $134.75
(Additional days are charged at $77.00 per day)
For large events/festivals please contact us directly before filling out the application form
Please note that applications need to be lodged at least 14 days before the event.
(If you are within the deadline please contact 08 7200 3608)
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Producers Licence

We deal with all forms of liquor licensing in South Australia and will ensure that you receive the most suitable licence for your purposes. We can not only help you obtain a new liquor licence but we can also help you undertake transfers or vary your existing licence conditions.

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Small Venue Licence

Small Venue Licence: This new class of licence has recently been introduced to accommodate for new venues operating in the CBD only.

Key features of Small Venue Licences include:

  • Venues can open from 11 am to midnight and extensions can be sought to trade to 2am
  • Venues can offer live entertainment without additional approval
  • Gaming is not permitted
  • Capacity is limited to 120 persons
  • Neighbours and nearby businesses have no right to object

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Restaurant Licence

Restaurant Licence: Whether its a new restaurant, transfer, renovations or variation to conditions our consultants will help you get the right consents to ensure you comply with the liquor licensing regulations. Our experienced staff can help you with all the complex issues from capacities to Responsible Person requirements to ensure you can operate your business to its maximum potential.

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Retail Liquor Merchant Licence

Retail Liquor Merchant Licence: issued to licensed premises devoted entirely to the business of retail liquor sales to the public via walk up sales for consumption off premises. Liquor can also be sold through direct sales at any time with specific conditions.

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Special Circumstances Licence

Special Circumstances Licence: designed for when there is no other class of licence that suits the proposed style of business or if the proposed business would be substantially prejudiced if the applicant’s trading rights were limited to those under a specific licence class.

This licence authorises the sale of liquor by the licensee for consumption on or off the licensed premises in accordance with the terms and conditions granted on the licence.

Some typical licences which come under this class include boats, caterers, function rooms, limousines and buses.

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Wholesale Liquor Merchant Licence

Wholesale Liquor Merchant Licence: intended for sales of carry off liquor primarily to liquor merchants during the authorised trading hours. This licence also allows for the sale of liquor by the way of samples on licensed premises as well as through direct sales transactions.

A Wholesale Liquor Merchant’s licence is subject to the following conditions:

  • The total amount of liquor sold to a purchaser (other than a liquor merchant) must not be less than 4.5 litres per transaction;
  • At least 90% of the licensee’s gross turnover from the sale of liquor in each financial year (excluding sales of liquor to the licensee’s own employees or export sales) must be derived from the sale of liquor to liquor merchants;

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Premises looking to sell Sheesha (Hookah) will also need a licence. This will not form part of the liquor licence but under South Australian Legislation a Licence is still required.

There are specific requirements for the sale of Sheesha in South Australia  including:

  • A licence must be held to sell Sheesha
  • The licence must be displayed
  • A prescribed sign must be displayed
  • Limited Points of Sale

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